Team Spotlight - Amie Van Susteren – Nestled Pines

Team Spotlight - Amie Van Susteren

Amie Van Susteren, Laser Artist for Nestled Pines Woodworking

"I'm pretty much inspired by everything. I find as much joy in following a bug along the sidewalk as I do watching a bird outside my window. I love standing underneath the giant skyscrapers in Chicago, or walking the cobbled streets of New York City."

Laser Artist and Designer Amie Van Susteren has spent the past decade creating unique and memorable wood ornaments for state parks, national parks, museums, and more. She loves what she does, and strives to create a positive, memorable, and stress-free experience for all her wholesale clients. 

"We want our clients to be successful, and they want us to be successful, so we form these relationships. I covet those relationships."

Amie initially received her Art Education degree from the University of Wisconsin - Platteville at age 30 in 2009 (it was during college that she met her husband and business partner, Matt). By graduation, however, Amie found herself taking her art degree in a different path than she had initially planned -  her and Matt decided to take a risk and toss aside what they had been doing individually and double down on doing something as a team, which over time grew into Nestled Pines Woodworking.

Amie, simply put, is very philanthropic  -  the way in which places such as Yosemite and other parks can expand and grow because of the revenue created by her art is one of her main sources of motivation and joy. Amie views Nestled Pines Woodworking's relationships with its' clients to be extremely symbiotic -  as an artist, she enjoys working directly with her clients.

"I get to work directly with the people who are making the decisions for the gift shops, and they get to work directly with the person who is making the art, so it's beautifully efficient."

Amie's passion for art and creating has nurtured Nestled Pines Woodworking into the successful and one-of-a-kind laser cut ornament business you know and love today.

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