Did you know that Nestled Pines Woodworking has a variety of different packaging options to best suit the needs of your location? We make it our goal to make sure your displays absolutely shine, and that might mean something different for everyone.  We will always include a ribbon for hanging - our standard ribbon color is red, but you may also choose from white, blue, and green! We strive to keep our packaging eco-friendly and USA-made. We even also include a card with our sustainability information, so your visitors know the value of their new keepsake. 

Loose Ornaments 

Alexander Hamilton Wood Ornament from Nestled Pines Woodworking

When you choose our Loose Ornament option, your ornaments will be adorned with a hand-tied bow and ribbon hanger that includes a folded card containing the mission behind Nestled Pines, as well as our sustainability info. This option works perfectly if you'd like to hang the ornaments on a pre-existing tree display, and it's also the most economical option! Is it your first time ordering with us? Depending on availability, we may even be able to send you a free tree! Please ask us for more details.

Featured: Alexander Hamilton

Clear Box

Clear Box Packaging for Wood Ornaments from Nestled Pines Woodworking

If you choose our Clear Box option, your keepsake ornaments will come packaged with a chocolate colored box made of recycled materials, fluff to keep the ornaments safe and secure during shipment and while being displayed, and topped with a clear lid held down by red ribbon, so your customers can see what they're receiving right away! We think this option works best for highly detailed designs, as it showcases the ornament and makes it the focus of attention! Our Clear Boxes also a great option for stores that would like to set a higher price point.

Featured: Grizzly Bear Ornament, Honey Bee Ornament

Custom Engraved Box

Custom Engraved Box Packaging for Wood Ornaments from Nestled Pines Woodworking

Our Custom Engraved Boxes are sure to add the perfect touch to your one-of-a-kind ornaments! We laser engrave our boxes, leaving an attractive tan design on the lid of our chocolate colored, eco-friendly boxes. Just like our Clear Boxes, this option includes the same fluff for keeping the ornaments safe and secure. Our Custom Engraved Boxes are another fantastic option for those stores looking to sell at a higher price point.

Featured: Snowflakes 2015 - Design F

Peggable Cards

Peggable Card Packaging for Wood Ornaments from Nestled Pines Woodworking

Our Peggable Cards are the best option for clients who display their product predominately on wall hooks or spinners - this packaging is our thinnest and easiest to store, making it a great option for shops looking to purchase a high amount of product. The included ribbon and information card are slid in the back of the packaging, giving the front an extremely sleek, professional look. 

Featured: Bald Eagle Ornament

If you have any questions regarding our packaging options, we encourage you to email amie@nestledpines.com. We look forward to hearing from you!